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Data Security is Our #1 Priority

Due to the increased number of data breaches over the past few years, TechR2’s process for recycling e-waste has evolved. Data Security and Risk Mitigation is our primary focus to reduce the risk of brand compromise within your organization. According to the Ponemon Institute, 2015 Cost of a Data Breach Study, the average cost of a data breach is $3.79 million dollars this is a 23% increase in the total cost since 2013.

TechR2 specializes in Onsite Data Destruction and Technology Asset Retirement solutions. We are certified in five different international Standards of Management Systems designed to best serve the needs of our customers by providing secure data destruction and responsible recycling solutions. We are also proud to be a part of the WBE enterprise. We take pride in our data security best practices and our role in honoring the environment.

Wiping Safely or Shredding Unenvironmentally

The shredding industry tells us they safely destroy data bearing devices at our workplaces and that our workers will be fine. We should reflect on the processes where circuit boards are manufactured and the protection employees receive on the factory line. Employees often wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and have exhaust hoods to make work environments as safe as we can make it. Shredding service providers will tell you that they meet the current US standards. These are the same kind of regulations that protected cigarettes and certain drugs that were pulled from the market. I discussed this “shredding” matter with an ISO 14001 auditor and worker safety advocate. He explained that he recently tested the shredding machine at a company and their air filter for dangerous contaminates passed within limits. Then he did something not in the specification. He tested the carpet on the floor where the catch bin was unloaded. This area had a concentration of metals that were not safe for humans. Do you think that the employees are tracking these E-waste particles around the building and to their home on their shoes?

In a bulletin distributed by the State of California entitled Electronic Waste Recycling: Working Safely (, they state “Workers may encounter hazards in electronic waste (e-waste) recycling, including the risk of injury, hearing loss, and exposure to toxic dusts and other chemicals. These hazards can cause permanent and serious health problems and could begin without workers being aware of them. Employers must provide a safe and healthy workplace”.

We believe that there should not be e-waste in work areas (in the building or in parking lots). As an ISO 27001 certified data destruction company, we believe you should never allow a shredding company to carry disk drives to the parking lot for grinding because they break the security trust of customers and jeapordize the safety of the data. TechR2has many types of products and services to safely wipe and destroy data bearing devices that have reached the end of their life.

To explore these options, go to or:

Contact TechR2

Charles Robbins
Director of Research and Development

A Plethora of TechR2Products and Services
  • ISO 27001 Risk Assessments to help managers understand where they are in processing end of life data bearing devices. These risk assessments are given to supervisors for their benefit and to meet regulatory requirements for regular reviews.
  • Return on Investment (RIO) calculators to give our customers the financial tools to plan and budget for data destruction. Our calculators are written in VBA in Microsoft Office Word to easily adapt to an organization’s reporting scheme.
  • Passive RFID System with TAB Appliance is a system that tracks the data-bearing device from the beginning to the end of life. The system incorporates reliable RFID tags, readers and door portals to give you the ability to track your physical data bearing devices like the big companies.
  • User Interfaces such as the Customer Portal and Scan2go kiosk allow customers to easily scan devices into secure containment and give managers the reports to do their work efficiently.
  • Mobile hard drive wiping station for loose drives is a NEW tool for the Tear-A-Byte® process that allows the company to pull hard drives from a desktop or laptop and the device is wiped in the station using the DoD compliant 3 pass overwrite and verify software.
  • Mobile degaussing station for magnetic hard drives is used in our Tear-A-Byte® process to permanently destroy the data on magnetic hard disk drives. Our devices are NSA approved.
  • Techniques for wiping IBM Storage servers and other storage complexes are another NEW addition to our battery of products and services. Our trained technicians will wipe these large units onsite and we will certify and make ready for service for their next job.
  • TechBOX containers for safe shipping those digital units that you have sitting around the office to our facility for safe and environmentally sound processing. TechR2has ISO 14001 recycling, remarketing and charitable services so you can direct the final destination of your equipment.
  • Onsite Training is available for all companies using the Tear-A-Byte® process. Contact our Client Relations team to schedule the training session and even better yet, get your team certified so your group is working efficiently and you have the training documentation available for your next audit.

While the above shows an exciting list that we are proud of accomplishing, we continue to lead the Data Destruction industry in technological development. All the while, we are meeting the ISO 27001, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001 certifications.

But the most common comments we are happy to hear is “you have exceeded our expectations”, “job well done” and “we will utilize your services again”.

Data Storage Security Solutions


Is Your Reputation Safe?

Reputation risk is one of the high risk concerns among business executives globally, because reputation accounts for a significant portion of a company’s market value and affects its future viability.

ISO 14001 Certified
TechR2 is ISO 14001 Certified

Incidents that damage reputation, such as data breaches and lost or stolen records can result in greater financial loss than the original event.

The past couple years have brought major aspects of awareness to the table with emerging risks, either from data security or technological alterations. Meanwhile, regulators are forcing industries to take more responsibility for risk management.

Risk management is mostly about handling uncertainty.

Data-at-rest means data-at-RISK. Hence, IT managers must:
a) have a specific plan for their IT assets
b) must be aware of the root cause of adverse outcomes and
c) manage and prevent anything that might affect the organization’s reputation.

We can help. Contact us today to learn about our TAB solution and how we can help you improve your data security while mitigating your risk of a data breach.

Blog: Data Security Awareness


Employee Spotlight

Cheng Chea, Audit Technician

Nickname: Cheng

Hometown: Kampong Cham, Cambodia
Years at TechR2: 13 years.
What do you do here?
Audit Technician.

What do you love most about TechR2?
Energetic and positive work environment, and the smiles of his co-workers especially from our President.
What are your hobbies & interests?
Fixing and doing any “handyman “ work around the house, Current Vice President of Columbus Buddhist Community.

What is your most used saying?
“I’m Mad” (but is really happy).

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