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Introducing Tear-A-Byte

The Most Secure and Compliant Solution Available

The patented Tear-A-Byte appliance and process exists for one reason: To fully protect you from data breaches related to mismanaged, failed, or retired drives in your datacenter.

Be Confident Your Data is Eradicated

All regulatory organizations and leading consultants agree. The only way to be 100% confident in the security of the sensitive data on any failed or retired drives is to ensure that no drives leave your facility until that data is thoroughly eradicated, and you have proof of that eradication.

And Tear-A-Byte is the only solution that meets these standards.

All failed and retired hard drives

via photography, barcodes, and PID technology to establish a real-time inventory and audit trail; easily visible in your customized portal.

All Data-bearing drives

securely in a locked appliance, accessible by only certified staff, who will be automatically notified as your Tear-A-Byte approaches capacity.

All data

on these hard drives within your four walls and receive a Certificate of Destruction before our team leaves that day.

Data destruction

via controlled teams and easily accessible electronic reporting to reconcile your IT asset inventories and ensure data security and prove compliance.

  • Compliance is Our Obsession.
  • Experience an Indisputable Chain of Custody
  • Reexamine and Redefine Your ROI.

Compliance is Our Obsession

Like all services and products from TechR2, our Tear-A-Byte appliances and all associated processes are designed, built, and executed to keep you fully compliant with all data-security and environmental regulations – including those from the SEC, NIST, EPA, NSA, HHS, DoD, OCC, 
FCC, CISA, EU, and more.

Experience an Indisputable Chain of Custody.

By containing drives in our secured Tear-A-Byte appliance and then eradicating the data on those drives within the four walls of your facility, you have the tightest chain of custody imaginable because the drives never leave your possession until data eradication is complete and confirmed.

Reexamine and Redefine Your ROI.


While most ITAD companies have convinced people to focus their ROI solely on recovered value, the true costs and savings of managing your end-of-life assets should include the measure of time.


Our clients have self-audited their processes and reported time savings approaching 50 minutes per drive in processing and compliance time, when comparing the Tear-A-Byte process to their legacy methodology.

Reconciliation issues

That doesn’t even account for the time saved when clients no longer have to account for reconciliation issues thanks to their lost-device rates going from around 5% all the way down to to 0%.

And if you factor in avoiding 6- and possibly 7-figure fines for unaccounted data, the ROI of Tear-A-Byte is in fact quite astronomical.

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Why Choose Us

Our Commitment to Innovation:

No other company involved in end-of-life IT device management and data security has earned more patents or certifications that TechR2. And we have no intention of slowing down our pace of innovation.

Why won’t we rest on our laurels? Because we know the cyber criminals out there aren’t resting either. We are fully committed to always providing you with the most secure, compliant, and easy-to use solutions related to destroying the data on your hard drives, laptops, smartphones, POS equipment, or any other piece of data-bearing IT equipment.