Most other end-of-life IT solutions are compliant-ish.

Your Data is Our Obsession.

At TechR2, however, our patented processes and compliant-obsessed team will ensure you get and stay fully compliant with all US and EU regulations regarding retired IT devices and failed drives.
But being compliant is just a baseline. Our job is total data eradication.
And we provide that data eradication through a full array of services for the datacenter, office environment, remote working situation, health system, or retail store.



Data Destruction as a Service

The patented Tear-A-Byte appliance and process exists for one reason: To fully protect you from data breaches related to mismanaged failed or retired drives in your datacenter.

The only way to be truly confident the sensitive data on your failed drives is secure is to ensure no drives leave your facility until all data is thoroughly eradicated, and you have Certificates of Destruction to prove that eradication.

And Tear-A-Byte is the only solution that can provide this level of security, compliance, and confidence.


Containment to Destruction for Retired IT Assets Without Critical Data

TechBOX is the perfect disposal solution for wiped laptops and desktops,

monitors, printers, or other retired IT equipment with no critical data.

We drop off a box, you let us know when it’s full, and we come pick it up.

And this all happens for one flat rate that includes containment, processing, transportation, recycling, and detailed audit reporting with Certificates of Destruction.

TechBOX provides a protected and designated space for conveniently collecting and containing retired IT assets throughout your enterprise.

Datacenter Decommissioning

Thorough, Efficient, Secure, and Compliant

Too often, datacenter decommissioning gets moved to the bottom of the priority list, and this valuable equipment – filled with vital data – is treated like used furniture.

And that’s simply unacceptable.

When data centers need shut down, this critical work needs to be done thoroughly, efficiently, securely, and compliantly.

At TechR2, we understand and prioritize the importance of protecting the data that resides on your datacenter drives – intellectual property, client information, financial records, confidential communications, and more.

To ensure data security and total compliance, we follow the most thorough protocols and processes that include onsite inventory, onsite data eradication, timely detailed verification, secure transport, and more.

Additional Services

Drive Destruction

Drive Destruction

To ensure NSA and NIST compliance, our team can destroy hard drives by shredding to 2-mm particles.

Device Degaussing

Device Degaussing

Our NSA-approved degaussing machines use powerful electromagnets to thoroughly erase data from hard drives.

Secure Transport

Secure Transport

While we recommend onsite data eradication as the most secure solution whenever possible, there are times when data-bearing devices must be transported to another location – either for data eradication in a TechR2 ISO-certified facility, or for redeployment in another location within your organization.

Asset Value Recovery

Asset Value Recovery

To extend the life-cycle of IT devices, and to maximize the financial return on your original investment, our team will responsibly capture monetary value of retired, data-eradicated IT assets.

Drive Wiping

Drive Wiping

For devices that can be redeployed within your organization or remarketed, our team can thoroughly eradicate all data from laptops, desktops, phones, and other devices while maintaining full functionality.