Containment-to-Destruction for Retired IT Assets that Do Not Contain Critical Data

TechBOX is the perfect disposal solution for wiped laptops and desktops, monitors, printers, or other retired IT equipment with no critical data.

We drop off a box, you let us know when it’s full, and we come pick it up.

And this all happens for one flat rate that includes containment, processing, transportation, recycling, and detailed audit reporting with Certificates of Destruction.

Secure, Compliant, and Simple.

TechBOX provides a protected and designated space for conveniently collecting and containing retired IT assets throughout your enterprise.

Like all our solutions, TechBOX supports the TechR2 Zero-Landfill policy and is compliant with EPA regulations and ISO 14001 guidelines.


Choose the Right Size

All three sizes of the TechBOX feature the same levels of convenience and security.

TechBOX 10

TechBOX 25

TechBOX 50