The Simplest Way for you to Comply with Data Destruction Standards

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The Simplest Way for you to Comply with Data Destruction Standards

techboxData destruction is tricky, and complying with industry standards and federal regulations can be a headache for business owners who have many aspects of business to manage.

The best way to ensure your compliance with ever-changing regulations and to keep your business safe from growing threats to data security is to implement a consistent solution that doesn’t require special skills. This way, every member of your team can be responsible for their own data security.

Data vulnerabilities

In addition to computers, laptops and servers, some employees carry mobile devices such as smartphones or iPads, which may contain customer data or proprietary company information. When they receive upgrades, it should be easy and clear what they are required to do with the device they are retiring and taking out of service.

The techBOX™ Solution

One easy way to handle this problem is with a techBOX™. The techBOX™ creates a secure, designated space for collection and containment of your obsolete electronics prior to recycling. We drop it off, you fill it up, we pickup it up, it’s that simple. The techBOX™ will be removed by a certified company, who will provide secure data destruction and liability indemnification for the hardware that is removed from your business.

TechR2 has engineered just such a solution, delivering a techBOX™ to your company (you choose the size). Your staff can deposit almost any electronic devices including, computers, monitors, printers, and other misc electronics and computer peripherals. When your techBOX™ is full, you call/email for a pickup and TechR2 will take care of the certified data destruction and EPA compliant recycling of your retired IT assets.

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