The Critical Role of Onsite Data Destruction and Proper Certification

Ensuring the security of end-of-life data-bearing devices (DBDs) involves more than just physically destroying the hardware. For true compliance with NIST 800-88 standards, organizations must conduct data destruction onsite, using both a sanitizer and a verifier, and maintain proper documentation through a Certificate of Destruction (COD). Why Onsite Data Destruction and Proper Certification Matter:Proper onsite […]

The Importance of Training and Verification in Data Destruction Compliance

When it comes to data destruction, merely having the right tools is not enough. Ensuring that your organization’s data destruction methods comply with NSA and NIST standards requires thorough training, precise execution, and diligent verification. This is especially critical for data-bearing devices (DBDs) containing sensitive or classified information. Why Training and Verification Matter Proper training, […]