4 Ways Your IT Asset Disposal Vendor Can Save You Money

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4 Ways Your IT Asset Disposal Vendor Can Save You Money

IT asset disposition can be a very time consuming and aggravating process.  If not done correctly you risk significant costs (legal fees, fines, etc), environmental violations, and the risk of a data breach.  As we have highlighted in other blogs, a solid decommissioning policy and disposition program is the first step in mitigating your risks.  It is your IT asset disposal vendor that will make the difference when it comes to the execution phase.  We will look at 4 ways that an IT asset disposal vendor can save you money on top of providing data security and compliance.

Logistics- How far can your vendor reach?

Your vendor should be able to reach from the biggest cities to the most remote cities without question.  The ability to do this not only makes it easier for you to properly dispose of items but it also helps to keep costs low for both parties.  They should also be able to handle any size pick up whether it be 2 pallets down the street or 10 pallets across the country.  It is also important that they provide a secure chain of custody and safely deliver your items to their facility.

Compliance- Is your vendor environmentally compliant & data security compliant?

A multi-certified vendor can help protect you from several different areas of risk such as data security and environmental regulations.  Fines associated with a data breach or environmental violations will greatly outweigh the cost of your disposal fees.  Industry certifications to look for include ISO 14001, and ISO 27001.  There are other certifications out there but these are the most significant.

Documentation- How are your assets tracked and destruction verified?

Proof of proper disposal and best practices, this is one of the more important aspects to consider.  Once all of your assets have been removed and are now in the possession of the vendor, how can you continue to manage those assets?  Your vendor should be able to provide a complete inventory of what was collected, this should include serial numbers, make, model, and asset details.  Its best if this can be provided through a secure customer portal so the information can be seen in real time.  What about the sensitive data?  Once the audit has been completed your vendor should provide you with a certificate of destruction stating that all media has been destroyed permanently and under compliance.

Remarketing- Can your vendor create an additional source of revenue for you?

While the items you have retired and removed your inventory may no longer have value to you they can still be profitable.  The process of remarketing is beneficial in many ways.  Environmentally, remarketing extends the life cycle of assets which keeps them out of landfills.  Financially, this tactic can add a secondary source of revenue for your organization and in most cases cover your disposition and disposal costs.  However, it is very important that your vendor is still taking the necessary steps to ensure that proper data wiping procedures are being performed. It is also important that they are reselling these items to other trusted vendors.

Choosing the right vendor may cost you a little more in the short run, but the dividends it will provide in the long run will make up for it.  Not to mention the peace of mind, security, and compliance that you will achieve.

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