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TechR2 Stands Out at Celebration of Industry’s Best



TechR2 Stands Out at Celebration of Industry’s Best

TechR2 Stands Out at Celebration of Industry’s Best

TechR2 Highlights the Value of Data Destruction at Business of Security Event

July 31, 2014 – COLUMBUS, OH – Business of Security events are held several times a year throughout Central Ohio. Business of Security was founded in 2005 and has run over 120 events in the US. The executive panel format dubbed, “Roll the Dice” was launched in Columbus in 2013 and drew 135 people for both the inaugural event and the one held in July of 2014. Business of Security also conducts “Art of the Craft” networking events at the Actual Brewing Company that draw 85-100 people.

Mike Radigan, the Executive Director for Business of Security, hosted the most recent banquet. In describing his company he said, “the value of Business of Security is helping define and communicate the value that information security brings to a business.” Mr. Radigan invited TechR2 as the main event sponsor to spotlight the value of TechR2’s services. Before introducing a panel of leaders in information security, Charles Robbins of TechR2 was asked to speak to this value and explain what sets TechR2 apart when it comes to protecting information.

As Director of Research and Development, Charles is driven to create and perfect the most innovative methods of preventing valuable data from being lost or stolen. That’s why, as he mentions,

“TechR2 has become the market leader in retiring your data-bearing devices.”

It’s not subjective. TechR2 has earned multiple levels of certification that the others simply have not. TechR2 is the only onsite data destruction company to have earned the ISO 27001 certification, which represents the highest standard in security.

After Charles Robbins kicked off the night by showcasing the gold standard in data destruction, it was time to hear from the panel of information security experts. The panel included Jerry Walters, the Director of Information Security at Ohio Health, Wayne Hilt, Head of Cyber Security for Consumer and Community Banking at JPMorgan Chase, Keith Fricke, the Information Security Officer at Catholic Health Partners, Mike Scott who is the Vice President at Information Security and Network Services, and finally Richard Bird who is a Technology Security Executive at Mettler-Toledo International, Inc.

The highlight of the night may have been when Charles Robbins demonstrated TechR2’s Tear-A-Byte® solution featuring the new Scan2go console. offers Best Practices for your data bearing devices as they are removed from the network.

As Charles explained, provides a detailed audit trail, secure containment, reconciliation, and certified onsite destruction of electronic media devices.

The value the Scan2go console provides is that once scanned it provides a real-time inventory of each retired device in the system along with the serial number and the date and time it was deposited.


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    TechR2 is the only company in the industry that has earned a US patent for its Track-Contain-Destroy-Verify data security process, is OEM approved, upholds critical ISO certifications, and is recognized for compliance with GDPR, NIST and all governmental regulations concerning data destruction, including ISO 27001, ISO 14001, ISO 9001, and ISO 45001.

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