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TechR2 Commits $1.4M to Stem Tide of Cyber Attacks, Creating Up to 50 Full-time Jobs in Central Ohio



TechR2 Commits $1.4M to Stem Tide of Cyber Attacks, Creating Up to 50 Full-time Jobs in Central Ohio

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TechR2 Commits $1.4M to Stem Tide of Cyber Attacks, Creating Up to 50 Full-time Jobs in Central Ohio

By Tony Johnson


COLUMBUS, Ohio, April 15, 2019

As company crippling mega data breaches make headlines nearly daily, TechR2 is committing$1.4M</spa n> to install 1,000 Tear-A-Byte® data security solutions over the next 12 months to stem the tide of these debilitating cyber-attacks. TechR2’s pledge to abate the wave of cyber-crime will focus primarily on organizations being hit the hardest such as healthcare and financial service institutions, universities, and insurance companies.

TechR2’s patented Track-Contain-Destroy-Verify process is a state-of-the-art solution designed to ensure protection of an organization’s data at rest. The Tear-A-Byte® ensures that no data bearing device ever leaves the 4 walls of an organization’s facility, closing the door on one of the most significant threats to company loose media.

“TechR2 has made this a priority and is lending its data security expertise to protect organizations from the relentless pursuit of cyber-crime,” said Tony Johnson, EVP and COO of TechR2.

“We are committed to a collaborative effort to quash the effects of what is quickly becoming
TechR2 also believes this initiative will create 40 to 50 full time positions in the location alone.

COO Tony Johnson is available for further comment at the contact information listed above.

About TechR2

TechR2 is a global leader in the data security industry backed by multiple ISO Certifications (i.e., ISO 27001 for Information Security; 14001 for Environmental Protection; 9001 for Quality Assurance Management and ISO 45001 for Occupational Health and Safety). TechR2’s core Tear-A-Byte® solution is unmatched in the industry and coupled with TechR2’s ISO 31000 compliant risk assessment, auditing, decommissioning and secure transport services ensure the utmost protection of our clients. TechR2’s offerings fully comply with international laws (e.g., GDPR); federal regulations (such as, NIST, SOC, HIPAA, PCI, FERPA and FFIEC); and state statutes, including the California Privacy Act, New York Data Privacy Law and Ohio Safe Harbor Act.

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  • About An Industry Leader

    TechR2 is the only company in the industry that has earned a US patent for its Track-Contain-Destroy-Verify data security process, is OEM approved, upholds critical ISO certifications, and is recognized for compliance with GDPR, NIST and all governmental regulations concerning data destruction, including ISO 27001, ISO 14001, ISO 9001, and ISO 45001.

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