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Technology Trends

Technology Trends

“Mobile devices, cloud computing and big data analytics are blowing the old IT rules to pieces”- Information Week 9/17/12

#1 Trend is Mobile Devices

Enterprises in need of two mobile strategies;

  • Business to employee (social goals, business goals, financial goals and risk management goals)
  • Business to consumer (business to business activities to support consumers and addressing additional issues)

Gartner predicts that by 2013 mobile phones will overtake PC’s as the most common web access device worldwide. Gartner also predicts that by 2015 over 80% of handsets sold in mature markets will be smartphones. Additional security concerns are brought on due to smart phones, applications, and drop box files.

#2 Trend – BYOD (bring your own device)

Estimates say that 55% of all mobile devices used in business will be employee-owned by 2015

  • 76% of IT leaders categorized BYOD as somewhat or extremely positive but also see it as a significant challenge and security risk
  • 71% of businesses plan to implement a solution that separates business and personal data
  • Less than 9% of organizations surveyed have a policy to wipe corporate data while leaving personal data intact after an employee leaves
  • 70% of “Generation Y” employees admitted to knowingly breaking IT policies on a regular basis, and 60% believe they are not responsible for protecting corporate information
  • 46% of companies that do support BYOD have experienced a security breach that resulted from an employee-owned device

#3 Trend – Cloud Computing

Amazon’s EC2 service and Google’s Google App Engine are best examples

Seven security issues to review before selecting cloud vendor

  • Privileged user access
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Data location
  • Data segregation
  • Recovery
  • Investigative support
  • Long-term viability

#4 Trend – Big Data & Analytics

  • 75% of Information Week 500 companies use social networking tools to collaborate with customers and suppliers (up from 42% in 2009), however just 29% assess analytics to evaluate the customer experience
  • Many leading organizations are abandoning single enterprise data warehouse and moving towards multiple systems (data centers and warehouses)
  • Analytics is increasingly delivered to users at the point of action and in context. With improvements in performance and costs, IT leaders will be able to perform analytics and simulation for business.
  • The mobile client linked to cloud-based analytic engines and big data repositories enables optimization of analytics for the “full customer experience”

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