Technology is Taking Over Halloween!

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Technology is Taking Over Halloween!

Technology has worked its way in to every aspect of our lives, just about. It has also started to creep its way in to other aspects of our lives and culture, such as Halloween. It may sound silly but technology and techy trends have started to take over the scariest time of the year! From techy Halloween based gadgets, costume designs, ideas and creations, to changing the way we trick-or-treat.

Spooky Halloween gadgets

We all love tech gadgets, right? From funny USB drives to cool phones accessories tech gadgets are fun to look at and great conversation starters. Well, why not have one for all occasions, especially scary ones for Halloween. Decorating your house to scare the neighborhood kids? Why not add some cobwebs in a cool unique way with this cobweb gun. Or you can freak out your co-workers with a USB drive that looks like a severed thumb. Check out this cool article that has some neat items you can purchase as well as some DIY ideas.

Techy Costumes

Coming up with a great costume idea can be very difficult. Nowadays technology allows you to have lots of creativity, awesome features, and characters you couldn’t even imagine. Some people may choose the Cosplay route which is popular among video game enthusiasts (technology oriented), while others may choose to implement technology in their actual costume creation. As a matter of fact Mark Rober (a former NASA scientist) left his cushy job to create ghoulish attire that runs off of an app from your phone. Sounds crazy right? You can learn more about his products here, and you can see his original creation here. Here are a few of my favorites: 1, 2, 3, 4.

Tech or Treat

Technology can help you organize your route and make your trick-or-treating experience safer! Companies have created lights that can attach to children’s costumes that allow them to see where they are going hands free. There are also phone apps that allow you to mark certain locations, or a certain path, so your kids can get around town and navigate back to your home or car quickly and easily. There is a cool article about some of these products and more here.

Halloween is a great opportunity to show off your creative side and now technology makes it easier and allows you to be even more creative. We at TechR2 would like to wish you and your families a safe and fun-filled Halloween!

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