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Survey reveals nearly 9 in 10 Americans worry about data breaches



Survey reveals nearly 9 in 10 Americans worry about data breaches

In previous discussions, we have talked about identifying the Single Point of Failure (SPOF) in your business cybersecurity defense. The reason in this article that people throughout the world are concerned about their well being is that it has been demonstrated that small, medium, and large enterprises and government offices except that they will be breached. We saw this when President Biden spoke with President Putin. Leaders were discussing which targets were acceptable to be hit with cyberattacks. So now without a military defensive posture, you and your organizations are on your own. What does that mean? You must quickly go through a Vulnerability Assessment to spot your weaknesses, download the NIST documents, and start to build policies, procedures, training, daily execution, and management verification that move you towards CSF compliance and that you can recover from a breach. In the truest words, your organization must change within.

The national strategy is to move to a Zero Trust Security Model, which means that you are signing in with MFA and you only have least privileges in your network. The biggest reason for this step is that IT support in Ohio and the US does not come with CSF trained staff and compliant systems. You have purchased technology products and services that have become your SPOF. First you need to protect your system from within and secondly the only way out is to start to buy certified systems that are compliant. If you and your organization that depends 100% on a working network plan to be effective in the next decade, the proactive step is to become NIST compliant in the next 2 years.


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