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TechR2 Mobile Device Wiping Assemblies have 64 bit, Intel Core I5 Wiping Computers with powered hubs along with individual cables for ease of hook up to each portable piece of equipment. Each
TechR2 technician can perform data erasure on many Android tablets or iOS mobile devices simultaneously.

The software erases all Android devices running OS V1.6 or higher software, all iOS Phone, iPod, iPad devices on the market and Blackberry and Windows Phone support on all models.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″ dp_animation=””][vc_column_text dp_animation=””]A report is generated for each device tested. A Certificate of Data Erasure is created for each device wiped successfully. The document shows:

  • Serial number with barcode
  • Time and date for the start and end time
  • Memory size
  • Manufacturer and model
  • Erasure method
  • Software version
  • Status

If a mobile device cannot be securely wiped, the device is dissembled with the case, screen, battery and printed circuit boards separated for recycling to the ISO 14001 standard. Electronic boards containing Solid State data storage integrated circuits are destroyed using a crusher that pulverizes the unit while simultaneously ejecting a damaging electrical charge rendering the low voltage components inoperable.

  • Pulverizes the circuit board and electrical components to miniature size
  • Ejects a damaging electrical charge rendering the low voltage components inoperable
  • Recycle the components to the ISO 14001 standard

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