Make Everyday "Earth Day" by Recycling with TechR2

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Make Everyday “Earth Day” by Recycling with TechR2

Earth Day may not be until April 22 but your business or nonprofit can start taking steps to become environmentally responsible today by hosting a TechR2 recycling event.

Here at TechR2 we made a commitment to honor the environment in all aspects of our business, that’s why our employee recycling events are held at no cost.

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The average lifespan of an electronic device is a mere 2-5 years, resulting in overflowing landfills. In fact, the EPA estimates consumer electronic products account for more than 40 percent of the lead found in landfills.

Proper electronics recycling not only helps the environment, but also your business. Expanded technology and data quantity in today’s world requires secure data destruction and responsible technology recycling to ensure your business’ proprietary information is safe and your risk is mitigated from the possibility of a data breach.

TechR2 manages the environmentally safe and technologically secure recycling of millions of IT assets and electronics each year. Including desktop computers, monitors, printers, telecom equipment, and much more. (View our entire list of general recycling items). TechR2 also offers GREEN reports that reflect your corporation’s GREEN initiatives and proof that you are doing your part in honoring the environment.

We provide our customers with cost effective, state-of-the-art methods for secure data destruction, IT asset recovery, onsite containment and tracking. TechR2 takes pride in its role in honoring the environment while protecting your brand and reputation.

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