Insufficient data destruction leads to data breaches, lawsuits.

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Insufficient data destruction leads to data breaches, lawsuits.

Loose media causes data breach at health care provider.

Patients who had their identity and medical records exposed as the result of a security breach in August, have now filed a class action lawsuit against Advocate Health Care for failing to protect their information. The data breach occurred because loose media fell into the wrong hands. What else is new? Apparently HIPAA rules (rules which have recently become even more strict in response to the rising tide of breaches such as this one) were violated when four unencrypted, data-bearing computers were stolen from company premises.

It didn’t take long for the investigation to uncover that these computers were kept in a room that any unauthorized person could easily gain access to. Despite the fact that the data on these computers was highly sensitive, the hardware was treated with the same carelessness as any other piece of equipment. Advocate vowed to enhance its security measures, even placing a live security guard onsite for 24 hours every day.

But why are the first proper steps to achieve data security always taken after a company is left stumbling from a data breach haymaker? Does it really take a lawsuit from four million indignant customers you promised to protect for your company to pursue an elite data security system? Well you wouldn’t be the first, or second.

Dismal data security spurs nearly $5B lawsuit.

The United States Military’s health insurance carrier, Tricare Management Activity, dove headfirst into an ocean of catastrophic irony back in 2011 when they exposed the identity and medical records of 4.9 million people including decorated war veterans. Right, you would think the health insurance carrier of our nation’s brave defenders would be especially careful in protecting its customers.

Not so. The massive data breach occurred because backup tapes, which were a part of a system being used since 1992, were stolen from an employee’s car. Tricare faced a lawsuit seeking almost $5 billion because one of its employees took ultra sensitive loose media off the premises and left it in his car.

Clearly, solving these problems is not unfathomable. Catastrophe can be averted with strict data security protocol in place for all personnel, and proper containment and destruction of all data-bearing hardware.

TechR2 will protect you from a data breach.

Maybe that doesn’t sound so easy to you, but its what TechR2 does better than anyone else. With advanced services such as the formidable system, TechR2 has set itself above the mere electronics recyclers dwelling in the elementary tier, as well as the intermediate data destruction companies. TechR2 is alone in the tier of superior data destruction and security companies as evidenced by its distinction as ISO 27001 certified. Not one other data destruction company can claim that level of excellence when it comes to protecting private information.

Don’t let old data-bearing backup tapes be stolen from an employee’s car. With the system, retired IT assets are destroyed onsite or at TechR2’s secure facilities. No loose ends and no loose media.

It’s more than just scrapping your company’s old hard drives. That doesn’t really protect you. TechR2 establishes a culture of responsibility and security for its clients. The TechR2 team can run an audit of your entire data security system and identify all the holes that could leak precious information. With an unparalleled knowledge of the industry, TechR2 ensures that your company is in line with all the data security measures required by law and just good business.

If you’re ready to act before disaster threatens the future if your company, call TechR2. Show your customers and the world that you value data security and doing it the right way.

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