GROW Licking County News Release: “TechR2 Announces Headquarter Expansion”

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Technology firm TechR2 Announces Headquarter Expansion to Pataskala, Creating 22 New Jobs

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PATASKALA, OHIO — GROW Licking County Community Improvement Corporation and the City of Pataskala, in partnership with Columbus 2020, are pleased to announce a relocation and expansion of TechR2, LLC’s headquarters into the City of Pataskala. TechR2 is a national and global leader in digital data security. The HQ facility will accommodate TechR2’s® continuing growth in its media retention and data eradication business operations based in Central Ohio.

Sean Gouhin, who serves as EVP and Corporate Counsel of TechR2, applauded the new relationship, “We recently experienced a significant growth spurt after we were granted a patent for our Tear-A-Byte® Track-Contain-Destroy onsite media security methods. GROW Licking County, The City of Pataskala and Columbus 2020 provided us with an attractive platform through which to house and implement our much needed expansion.” Sepp Rajaie, CEO and founder of TechR2, went on to state, “I have been a resident of the City of Pataskala for many years and am now excited to bring our business into the community that my family has grown to love.”

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“I welcome TechR2 to the City of Pataskala. We are always grateful when a quality company, such as TechR2, locates their headquarters in our city,” said Tim Hickin, Council President for the City of Pataskala. “The location they chose on the west side of the city will provide for their continued success. I am optimistic that this move will open the door for other tech based companies to locate to our community. I also want to thank the organizations and individuals who played a key role in assisting TechR2 with this relocation and expansion.”

The relocation and expansion into the City of Pataskala includes the retainage of 17 jobs and the creation of 22 new jobs into this booming marketplace. To learn more about TechR2 and their services, be sure to visit their website:

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