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Our products are designed with multiple layers of data security and monitoring to conform with the Zero Trust Security Model.

After all the cybersecurity work some organizations do, they still fall to breaches in their defense for lack of a forward-looking strategy. For all the OEMs reporting major breaches, the Zero Trust Security Model (ZTSM) and a revamping of their strategy need to take high priority. We have stated how OEMs, financial, and healthcare institutions are today giving their data filled products to non-compliant recyclers where the OEM tries to recover 5 cents on a dollar in selling the device that still can have data on it.


A culture to protect client and customer data is first created, then nurtured through training and development

In the IBM NIST and Zero Trust Security Model (ZTSM) training on Thursday, the SMEs stressed the importance for every vendor that works with the organization’s data whether hardware or software to be in compliance with their NIST and ZTSM policies. This includes vulnerability testing. This is new for many OEMs. It was just over a year ago that Microsoft became NIST certified.