RFID in the Data Center

Are you waiting for a technician to report the next missing data-bearing device, sending you and the organization into months of exhausting litigation?

CIO Obsession: Security

In our high-tech world, data security is a concern to all organizations. The number one concern of CIO’s is the challenge in making security everyone’s business.

Our Management is qualified under Best Practices.

TechR2 went through the Surveillance audit of 3 standards including 27001, 9001 & 18001 in month of May. The aim of these audits is a continual process of review and assessment to verify that the system is working as it is supposed to; to find out where it can improve; and to correct or prevent problems identified. And with the hard work of TechR2’s team, audit has been closed proudly!

What’s New at TechR2?

Technicians connect RFID tags to each critical device in the datacenter, tracking the critical units and data bearing devices, while reporting to managers any critical information missing.

About the Federal Information Security Modernization Act (FISMA)

Data security took another stride last week with the passing of the Federal Information Security Modernization Act (FISMA) which made it through the House and Senate without issue. It is currently on its way to the desk of the President. This was the first cyber bill of the lame-duck session.

ROI Savings Using an ISO 27001 Organization

Last month, a seminar was held locally with many of the information security professionals in our area and an expert spoke of the necessity of having the ISO 27001 certification. After the formal presentation, this person was answering several pointed questions. One of those queries was about using vendors who also have the ISO 27001 certification and the specialist stated the cost of using a company that did not also have the security standard was going to be sizable. The organization was going to have to allocate resources to implement the same ISO controls at the vendor’s location that they were using at their site to meet their security plan.

Technology Trends

“Mobile devices, cloud computing and big data analytics are blowing the old IT rules to pieces”- Information Week 9/17/12


TechRenew is our internal remarketing department that will assist you in your efforts to maximize your investment.  It’s estimated that stored IT equipment loses up to 10% of its value each month.  TechR2 will help offset your technology retirement costs by the intelligent remarketing of your retired assets to generate a new revenue stream.  Our […]

Guidelines for Compliance & Industry Best Practices

Guidelines for Compliance & Industry Best Practices Guidelines for Compliance Protecting your brand and reputation is crucial to every organization as the number of data breaches is constantly on the rise. There are guidelines already in place for most organizations. Learn more about your industry’s regulations for data security. Sarbanes-Oxley FACTA HIPAA/HITECH Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act PCI […]

Data Breach Statistics

Data Breach Statistics Data breaches have become a major concern in every business and industry.  Privacy Rights Clearinghouse reports that it tracked over 678 data breaches that were reported in 2012 that involved over 27.4 million records. The Healthcare/Medical  industry was responsible for 223 of the 678 data breaches reported in 2012.  Don’t let your organization become […]