TechBox™ for Enterprise

The TechR2 TechBox™ is a lockable, efficient, and cost effective solution for your IT asset disposal needs. The flat rate cost includes shipping, processing of IT assets, a detailed audit report and Certificate of Destruction. We follow the ISO 14001 Environmental Health and Safety Systems. We honor a zero landfill policy and take pride in our role in honoring the environment.

The 3 Mistakes that Led to Your Data Breach

Let’s get right to the point: in today’s world, we must track, contain and destroy the data-bearing devices when they reach the end of the life or use in order to prevent your data being compromised.

International Certifications: TechR2 Client Reach Demands

Why does Columbus, Ohio based TechR2 have so many expensive, difficult to earn, difficult to maintain, globally respected certifications?
Why are standards critical to controlling data eradication processes?
Why should e-waste not use destruction technologies meant for paper?

The 2-Person Security Rule Should Be Common Sense

In a data center, there are two types of systems, those that are working and can be managed by the storage manager software written by companies like IBM and EMC. Then there are the systems that are being decommissioned or containing data bearing devices that no longer function.

TechR2 RFID Tags Will Enable Full Verification of Any Disk Drive Destruction

The tracking of removable or portable media has become critical due to the large amount of sensitive, confidential, personal and identifiable information contained in any such media.

Loss and theft ranks high as the primary means by which sensitive data is inadvertently disclosed to sources of ill will. In the case of portable media, any kind of information release could occur while storage hardware is taken off-line and / or retired without proper erasure. In some cases, attempted conventional means to overwrite data on drives not conducted by credible and certified means can lead to improper overwrite of all sectors on the drive.

About Root Cause Analysis

One of the many ISO tools used to continually improve a company’s processes is ROOT CAUSE ANALYSIS. Why is root cause analysis and systemic corrective action so important in management system standards, such as ISO 9001?

Data Destruction Myths

An IT Manager was heard to say recently “the hard drive is inoperable so let’s just send it to offsite recycling”. Another data center manager chimes in and adds, they “beat their units up with hammers and send them to the recycler”. An R2 recycling manager smiled and said “the last time I was at the recycler’s facility, I saw many people picking through the piles of e-waste and selecting all of the units that were not destroyed and purchasing them for a miniscule amount of cash.

Data breaches from lost or stolen media are the #1 source of large-scale data compromises.

Data breaches from lost or stolen media are the #1 source of large-scale data compromises.

  • The #1 cause of large-scale data breaches is loss of data-bearing media (disk, tape, USB drives, CD/DVD) during transport or from data centers.
  • Many organizations lack adequate controls to track, secure and destroy data-bearing devices.
  • Compliance with new Federal Standard for Data Destruction NIST 800-88 requires companies to review and upgrade their information security practices.

Good Documentation Practices

ISO standards all contain the same basic premise: Say what you do (formulate manuals and procedure policies), do what you say and document it (create and implement internal forms and necessary documentation). Ultimately, documents are evidence that the actions or tasks have been performed, therefore, all documentation should be concise, legible, accurate, and traceable

TechR 1-2-3

It is highly probable that your hard drives will be, at some point, obtained by unauthorized individuals. What are you doing to protect the intellectual property and data that is your responsibility?