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ITAD is On-Notice…

Some big things are coming out of the innovation labs at TechR2.  ITAD consumers should be excited.  Check out the video and be sure to come back throughout the month for more updates.


Every hole in your data security plan just increases the probability that your organization is the next in the chain of breaches.

As privateers and nation-state perpetrators continue to successfully probe US cyber defenses, they effectively penetrated the agriculture industry last week. The cyber attackers have mostly ignored any warnings from the US government stating that the critical infrastructure is off limits. Organizations in the US and Europe need to re-assess their strategy for how they do business


When IBM was looking worldwide for a compliant vendor before the launch of GDPR, it found ISO and NIST certified TechR2

The cyber war between nations is not just to steal PII, PFI, and PHI for profit, but with nation states and their privateers, it is to penetrate the critical infrastructure of their opposition. It is to gather intelligence and to have a process in place to sabotage essential functions of a nation from financial, to healthcare, and to communications.