Insider Threat Perpetrators Bypass Physical Security to Acquire Data

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The Problem – Poorly Secured IT Assets and Datacenters 

When no one is watching open doors, anyone can get in.

For every datacenter that is properly secured and managed, there are an equal number of datacenters that have open access server cabinet layouts, cage keys that are unsecured or copied, and most troubling, the unattended datacenter that has little or no surveillance. As enterprises have spent the last decade moving their own internally controlled datacenters to externally operated buildings, so have organizations lost the skillset of securing their data properly. Morgan Stanley to Shell Out $60 Million for Lapses in Data Protection | BitRaser

We regularly scrutinize datacenters for such industries as healthcare, universities, and financial services that allow a single technician with any ticket to access any cabinet. Besides a lack of physical defenses, we see many incidents where there are loose magnetic and solid-state data bearing devices. Since most organization do not track data bearing device serial numbers, any swap out would go undetected. How To Protect Your Intellectual Property from State-Sponsored Hackers and Insiders (

FYI – During cybersecurity assessments, did you know auditors find on average that over 50 individuals have access to so called secured areas. These individuals are both employees and third-party vendors.

The Solution – Patented Tear-A-Byte® Method is the Future EoL Solution (Patented Tear-A-Byte) 

Your answer to your cybersecurity control challenge is the ISO, and NIST certified TechR2’s Patented Tear-A-Byte® solution. Patented Tear-A-Byte Method is the Future EoL Solution  All TechR2 products and services incorporate Zero Trust Architecture data security techniques. Zero Trust Model

Data Security is Our #1 Priority (Data Security #1)

Resting on TechR2 industry and data security foundational certifications is training and engineering innovation to conduct efficient datacenter and enterprise decommissioning and refresh. Customer surveys from OEMs and Fortune companies mark TechR2 as excellent in all areas where in national IG and GAO reports other data destruction companies are scored as failing. Data Security is Our #1 Priority

Private Enterprise and Government Agencies not Ready (Regulatory Tsunami)

FISMA Federal Information Security Modernization Act | CISA,  IRS 1075 Publication 1075 (, CJIS Security Policy CJIS Security Policy, CMS Information Systems Security and Privacy Policy CMS Information Systems Security and Privacy Policy and more all map directly to required NIST Cybersecurity Controls. TechR2 fully meets these standards while other companies do not.

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TechR2’s NEW Data Destruction as a Service (DDaaS) is the future model and the archaic ITAD processes are dead. DDaaS Data Destruction as a Service – TechR2.

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