A Memorial Day Tribute from TechR2


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A Memorial Day Tribute from TechR2

By Vanessa Harmon Gouhin

TechR2 would like to take a moment this Memorial Day weekend to honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our liberties. As we come together to commune with our loved ones and friends, let us remember that there is no greater gift. We give thanks to our fallen U.S. Troops. There is no better measure of a person’s character than by their actions. There is no better quality in a leader than those that think of others before themselves.

Charles is a native son of Ohio, born in Cincinnati.  Upon graduating from Western Hills High School, Charles matriculated and graduated from Excelsior College receiving a Bachelor of Science with a Concentration in Engineering and Management.  Charles spent 21 years in the US Army and Ohio Army National Guard from 1978 to 1999, serving the entire time with combat-ready units. He served eight years in Armor Cavalry units; six years in the Light Infantry and seven years in an Armor brigade; commanded two Armor companies, D/147th Armor and B/147th Armor; commanded a unit in the high security zone at the Atlanta Olympics; and instructed at military schools from 1981 through 1999.

TechR2 is appreciative of the protections afforded our democracy and is very proud to be led by Senior Vice President Charles Robbins (retired) Army Reserve first lieutenant.

He has been designing products since the 1970’s and teaching at the college and professional level since 1984. He specializes in the area of Computer Aided Design from real world experience. He also instructs courses in Windows software, computer hardware and other assorted computer networking subjects. His career has been a plethora of major design projects with 14 years with Siemens’ Airport Lighting and Controls and the Electric Motor Division creating hundreds of products. Designing and marketing the SGRS high efficiency switchgear system and developing major components of the BRITE airport traffic control system were great experiences. In 1990, he formed an Engineering programming group which generated hundreds of automatic drawing programs that in turn make thousands of new drawings in seconds every year.

Charles joined TechR2 in 2014 where he was integral in developing and procuring the patent for TechR2’s Tear-a-Byte process and he continues to develop innovations in data security. Never one to ever stop serving a greater good, Charles continues to serve his country and his community by sitting on the Ohio Cyber Collaboration Committee. One of Charles’ dearest causes is the Neighborhood Outreach Program in Columbus, Ohio, where he volunteers in many capacities whenever, wherever and however he can as often as he can. We call it Charles solving the world’s problems. We are very grateful to have a leader at TechR2 like Charles.

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