Magazine Article: Pioneering data eradication solutions in compliance with stringent regulation mandates: TechR2

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Magazine Article

Pioneering data eradication solutions in compliance with stringent regulation mandates: TechR2

Silicon Review, August 2017

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“We are proud to say that TechR2 has been able to completely eliminate all client risk in connection with data under our control; we have yet to permit a single data breach and we are committed to keeping it that way!”

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As companies deploy New Technologies into their organizations, they are faced with real problems of what to do with their old and outdated IT Assets. Be it data security, safety, confidentiality, compliance or environmental policies, it is no longer acceptable for companies to simply throw away failed or decommissioned data bearing devices or just pass them over to a third party. Companies have to consider protecting data that exists on such devices. Protecting this confidential information can not only help to avoid costly and potentially disastrous data breaches, but also to keep the company’s intellectual property safe. One company, TechR2,® LLC, has the A to Z solution.

TechR2 acts as an objective third party with the expertise to assess the security risk and customize a complete solution for its clients.
TechR2 provides an independent certification of destruction with teeth, backed by a world renowned insurer, Llyod’s of London. TechR2’s® ultimate goal is to be the long-term partner in providing data security solutions to its clients protecting against data breach and damage to brand reputation.“By adopting a completely transparent process of data eradication on-site within the 4-walls of the organization, TechR2 ensures – and guarantees – compliance with all industry regulations”, says Sepp Rajaie, TechR2’s® President.

Solutions to meet all asset management standards and ensure data security
Tear-A-Byte®, a patented data-security process: TechR2 has pioneered a comprehensive solution that is fully compliant with the multitude of onerous regulatory and industry mandates. It started with a unique idea on how to address obsolete Enterprise data and evolved it into TechR2’s® patented Tear-A-Byte® system.

Tear-A-Byte® employs a state of the art “Track-Contain-Destroy” methodical approach that is rapidly becoming the industry standard and adheres to all federal guidelines, such as PCI, SOC, HIPAA and the ever looming General Data Protection Regulation. As observed by Sean Gouhin, TechR2’s® EVP/Corporate Counsel,

“National and international regulations are getting more and more stringent by the day imposing significant fines. Our job is to keep our clients compliant, which we take very seriously.”

[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″ dp_animation=””][vc_column_text dp_animation=””]A premier decommissioning solution for businesses
TechR2’s® techBOXTM is a one of a kind IT asset decommissioning vehicle that provides an easy to use, safe and secure “turn-key” solution to e-waste disposal. IT asset removal must be handled with vital care to avoid exposing the brand to data breaches or hurtful publicity regarding the clients’ data handling or technology disposal.
The techBOXTM creates a secure, designated space for collection and containment of retired IT assets prepared for disposal.

Comprehensive Onsite Data Wiping & Eradication
Services: TechR2 provides secure onsite data wiping services for IBM System Storage units including the DS8000, DS6800 and XIV series.

Additionally, it can provide this service for other manufacturer storage devices & servers such as EMC, Hitachi, HP, Dell and Net App. TechR2’s® onsite data eradication service follows the ISO 27001 “Plan-Do-Check-Act” model and ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems best practices. All such services are performed within the four walls of the organization to ensure the client never loses control of its data.

Provides environmental security and protects health and safety: It honors a zero landfill policy and the final disposition of all equipment is reuse, resale or recycle.TechR2 goes above and beyond to meet the EPA’s “13 Principles” and to protect its client’s brand from the disparaging effects of improper disposal, data breaches and more that can occur when data eradication and technology disposal is not carried out according to strict guidelines.

Data center decommissioning services: TechR2 with its data center decommissioning service places the client’s enterprise and brand with those committed to keeping it safe. TechR2 has developed many data security products that wipe data from drives, collect the retired drives and media in a secure box that it ships and picks up from the facility. It also performs onsite data destruction in the client’s data center, so that their drives and media never leave their secure location with data still intact.

[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″ dp_animation=””][vc_column_text dp_animation=””]TechR2 also offers project management expertise and consulting services to educate and create awareness for risks that its clients face daily. It assures its clients that their data is secure, making their jobs easier and establishing a strong security stature for their enterprise.

Making asset tracking a reality with RFID: TechR2 implements an intricate RFID system that tags each device and communicates with TechR2’s® proprietary software to “track” the device’s every move within TechR2’s® client-access web portal.

No device or data contained on the device can leave the Enterprise facility without real-time, immediate alert. The TechR2 RFID solution is designed to track and report critical data bearing devices, e.g., data center equipment and office devices. “TechR2 is a Global Solution Provider for Enterprise onsite data destruction & IT Asset Retirement Services.”

Global leader in digital data security
TechR2 has earned and currently maintains multiple ISO and industry certifications, including ISO27001, ISO14001, ISO9001, and ISO45001. Tear-A-Byte® is fully adherent to these standards which encompass many underlying industry specifications, such as those regulating health care, banking, retail, government and data center organizations.

“Our solutions are revolutionizing the media retention and security industry in a manner that helps take the incredible burden of the shoulders of CIOs – TechR2 is helping them sleep at night”,

concludes Rajaie. With many promising ventures on its plate, TechR2 is certainly looking at an exciting future.
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