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On May 4, 2016, Charles Robbins, Director of Research and Development for TechR2, lead a presentation at the RFID Journal LIVE conference in Orlando, Florida  and discussed the  Tear-A-Byte® solution, which utilizes  RFID technologies. Aside from  giving a demonstration of the Tear-A-Byte® process’ ability to TRACK data-bearing devices, securely CONTAIN them and then use a certified, patent-pending and responsible method to DESTROY data, he met one-on-one with many technology leaders to discuss TechR2 new and novel concepts.
RFID Journal reported that there were roughly 3,000 people in attendance from 62 countries and Mark Roberti, founder of RFID Journal, stated that, “many told me it was the best LIVE! ever.”

“Throughout and at the end of our presentation, I received a lot of interest since TechR2 was the only data eradication company at the conference,” says Charles. “As I interacted with many of those in attendance, they could see the importance of accurately tracking data-bearing devices to prevent a data breach.”

Charles was not surprised by the interest in TechR2 or its certified data eradication solutions. He regularly presents the data security benefits of the TechR2 RFID technology, used to accurately track and provide easy reporting of their own data-bearing devices to company executives and Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) at their facility in Columbus, Ohio. In today’s world of routine data breaches, this RFID TRACK, CONTAIN, and DESTROY Tear-A-Byte® solution is needed.

When we asked Charles what is next in the TechR2 development pipeline, he just smiled and said that they are working hard to continue developing more convenient, user-friendly products and services that fit in their services portfolio, to guarantee that data is overwritten or that the physical device is destroyed safely and with respect to the environment.

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