Responsible IT Asset Recycling

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Responsible IT Asset Recycling

Recent studies show that more than 1/3 of companies do not practice responsible IT Asset recycling.  Proper IT asset disposal is more than just tossing out your old computers.  It should be a security tactic, a measure of compliance, a part of your green initiatives, and also a tool that can add financial value to depreciated assets.  IT asset disposal is more than just an obligation that companies have, it is a responsibility that should be taken seriously.

With new legislations and changes in environmental regulations it is very important that your IT asset disposition program be up to par.  Ever changing policies and regulations can leave vulnerabilities in your process that can damage your brand and potentially cost you millions in fines and legal fees. Many of these changes have to deal with data security standards and environmental standards; these can vary by state and region.  These must also be taken into consideration along with longer standing legislations such as HIPAA, SOX, PCI, etc.

This however is just the tip of the IT asset iceberg, there is a great article (see link below) that offers detailed insight into all of these practices.  There is a strong emphasis on the responsibility aspect of IT asset disposition and being a “good corporate citizen”.  And, as always, having a reliable 3rd party IT asset disposal vendor that practices responsible technology recycling can help your organization work through all of these variables and help you to close the compliance gap.

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