Electronics Recycling: Why Should My Business Recycle?

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Electronics Recycling: Why Should My Business Recycle?

Part Two of our Recycling Series focuses on the importance of green business practices, and TechR2 services for secure data destruction and environmentally-safe disposal of your electronics.

techbox“Over the years, IT has fundamentally altered our work and life and improved our productivity, economy and social well-being. It now needs to play a new role – helping to create a greener, more sustainable environment while offering economic benefits and social value,” San Murugesan, Director, BRITE Professional Services.

The average lifespan of an electronic device is 2-5 years, resulting in overflowing landfills. Proper electronics recycling not only helps protect the environment, but also your business. Expanded technology and data quantity in today’s world requires secure data destruction and responsible technology recycling to ensure your business’ proprietary information is safe and your risk is mitigated from the possibility of a data breach.

TechR2 manages the environmentally safe and technologically secure recycling of millions of IT assets and electronics each year. Including desktop computers, monitors, printers, telecom equipment, and much more. (View our entire list of general recycling items). TechR2 also offers GREEN reports that reflect your corporation’s GREEN initiatives and proof that you are doing your part in honoring the environment.
The TechR2 TechBOX™, creates a secure, designated space for collection and containment of retired IT assets prior to disposal. The TechBOX™ is an all inclusive solution. If it fits, it ships for one flat fee. With each TechBOX™ you will received a detailed audit report and a certificate of destruction with liability indemnification. Contact us today to schedule your FREE trial TechBOX™.

Information adapted from: Green IT: Burden or Opportunity?

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