Lessons Learned at Business of Security Event

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Lessons Learned at Business of Security Event

Last week members of the TechR2 team had the opportunity to interact with a group of seasoned Information Security leaders at a Business of Security networking event.

We had a great time learning from special guests: Cindi Hart, Kim L. Jones, Kent King, Larry Mead, Mike Scott, and Mark Tomallo. We thank them for sharing their expertise acquired through more than 100 combined years of experience in the information sector.

Throughout the course of the event, we realized that many people don’t think about “after the fact” IT security. Hacking and phishing are legitimate concerns but do you know where your hard drives go at night? (A question we find ourselves asking at TechR2 quite often) Off-network security can still be a threat to your brand when data-bearing devices considered to be off-network are not properly disposed of or contained.

Data breaches from lost or stolen media are the No. 1 source of large-scale data compromises. Most organizations do not have an adequate solution to track, secure, and destroy data-bearing devices. Regulations are becoming more strict and well-defined and if they are not followed properly, your brand is at risk.

When a data breach occurs, the CEO of that company can be held responsible, resulting in costly fines, loss of customer trust (as we’ve seen in high profile cases like the recent NHS Surrey breach), and even time in prison.Tear-A-Byte Onsite Data Eradication Patented Process

TechR2′s Tear-A-Byte® Patented Process solution utilizes leading edge technology, provides secure onsite data destruction with our NSA certified degausser, and is regulation compliant. Additional features of our TAB® solution include:

  • Secure onsite destruction to NIST800-88 specifications using certified people, processes and technologies.
  • Disk Security Containment Solutions confine and secure devices awaiting destruction.
  • Cloud-based application, which allows the client to create an inventory of devices and record their unique attributes.
  • Compliance with HIPAA, HITECH, PCI, SOX, GLBA, etc.
  • EPA recycling standards, as well as TechR2’s zero land fill policy.

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