After a data breach, an insurance company doesn’t know what hit them.

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After a data breach, an insurance company doesn’t know what hit them.

Really? A large insurance company had to hire a legal firm as part of an investigation of their own data security system. Last fall the insurance giant fell victim to a cyber attack, which compromised the personal information of over a million customers and potential customers. It doesn’t look like those potential customers will be coming on board any time soon.

The fact that the data breach occurred at all is obviously problematic. That it took months for the company to determine that it even needed help identifying the source of the breach is at the very least worrisome.

One might point out that hiring a legal team protects the privacy of the information that will be discovered in the investigation, and is thus a strategic move. But even if secrecy is the only goal, the company’s desire to hide the network security weaknesses it will presumably now address, says even more about how dire this situation really is.

But let’s think about this: if a company with the resources like this large insurance company is left feeling so helpless after an attack, what does that mean for the rest of us? It means that no one is safe from cyber attacks, and that a data breach can send your company reeling.

How was the network breached? Could loose hard drives or failed media lying around been picked up and network passords stolen? Only time will tell, but why leave this vulnerable area of data security overlooked.


How does your company conduct data destruction? Let TechR2 put your mind at ease with advanced security systems proven to eliminate the risk of private data being stolen from your company’s IT assets. With its tenacious system, TechR2 leaves no holes in your network’s defense. Don’t even give the crooks a chance to do what they do best.

The system provides companies the ability to securely contain data tapes, hard drives and loose media in a secure bin prior to data destruction. Then, TechR2’s team will come to you and destroy all the information onsite so no propritary information ever leaves the premises of your business and you know that your data is secure.

TechR2 makes record of each device and also provides you with a certificate of destruction. If your network ever succumbs to a data breach, you won’t be scrambling for answers. Having record of which IT assets were destroyed and when, will make determining the source of the breach that much easier.

Save yourself; save the planet. Environmental protection.

Utilizing TechR2’s experience and expertise doesn’t just protect you and your company; it protects the environment as well. With a growing amount of digital waste accumulating every year, going the extra mile to respect the environment makes a tangible difference.

Even if you have a network security system that you trust, a data breach can always occur, and an audit will not be kind to companies that aren’t doing all they can do to protect themselves and their customers. Data destruction is crucial. TechR2 has mastered the process, and they keep it green.

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