Apple’s New data security method is hacked in days

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Apple’s New data security method is hacked in days

We all recognize that it’s crucial to protect the private information of your customers and your company. That’s why some of the world’s best minds are exploring the most creative means of defending against data breaches, large and small.

The problem is, some of the world’s other best minds are just as creative in their attempts to defeat those security measures. Even mighty Apple was humiliated when just days after the release of their iPhone 5s, hackers of the Chaos Computer Club in Germany found what they considered a relatively simple way to bypass the new fingerprint sensor.

Now some claim this was just a bad idea to begin with. For one, your fingerprint is everywhere. It’s bad enough to choose a password for which you leave clues scattered throughout your life. (If your car’s vanity plate reads: BUCKEYE, maybe it shouldn’t be your universal password as well.) But the fingerprint is the password. There’s no clever deduction necessary. It’s on your coffee mug, your desk. It’s on your phone itself! It just needs to be collected by someone who knows what he’s doing.

Beyond that, you cannot change your fingerprint. You can change a password daily, but once a hacker has your fingerprint, that piece of your identity is compromised forever.

What will a data breach cost you?

The average cost of a data breach is $5.4M. Protecting your brand . . . priceless.

Regardless of the criticism of Apple’s new data security method, it was a real attempt by an irrefutably innovative company to protect its customers’ data, and it was obliterated in days. You shouldn’t conclude that the gang they’ve got working over at Apple must be a bunch of fools. Of course not. The point is that there is no such thing as being impervious to a data security breach. That’s why you must take all the steps you can to fortify your data security system.

Imagine: one of your employees digs an old smart phone out of his drawer—he wants to donate it to charity. If he assumes the information on the phone will be wiped clean by someone else, you could have a dire situation on your hands. You never know who could wind up with that phone, and what they could find on it.

Maybe the phone is set to remember the employee’s email password. That kind of access would expose all kinds of sensitive company information. What if your employee kept all of his passwords in his notes feature? Whoever has the phone now could access all the precious data being protected and stored in the Cloud.

Don’t even let situations like this occur. Don’t give criminals—experts or amateurs—a chance. TechR2 is committed to making your company as secure as possible. Advanced services such as the system, which facilitates inventory, tracking, & secure onsite data destruction of retired hard drives and other loose media, can help you fill the holes in your data security measures.

News of data security breaches floods the Internet daily. Don’t lie awake at night wondering if your company is the next to be exploring disaster recovery options. Let TechR2 put your mind at ease.
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