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Zero Trust Model

Zero Trust Model

Let’s face it, breaches caused by insider threats can be disreputable, disruptive, and financially devastating to any business.

The Zero Trust Model [ZTM] by TechR2 helps identify insider threats and protect your most valuable asset, your data! Our ZTM will benefit your security controls and responses to threats targeting your business.

When you proactively confront data security risks utilizing ZTM by TechR2 you will immediately inherit sound regulatory compliance, diminished workforce disruptions, financial preservation, and a much more effective, resilient response to your critical data disposal operations.

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What is
Zero Trust?

“First and foremost, the reason for Zero Trust is to give a framework for IT professionals to use to protect your data.  Attackers will exploit any vulnerability they can find.  Zero Trust applies anywhere there is data that needs to be kept private.  It applies from the day a data bearing device is powered on to the day it is finally destroyed and recycled.”

Data infrastructure within today’s typical enterprise has grown increasingly complex with the ever-expanding operation of added internal networks, remote offices and cloud services. This complexity has overwhelmed legacy methods of perimeter-based network security as the perimeter is no longer easily identified. Perimeter-based network security is no longer sufficient since once attackers breach the perimeter, further encroachment goes unhindered.
This complexity has led to the development of a new “architecture” known as “zero trust architecture” or ZTA.
Many organizations already have elements of a ZTA in their enterprise infrastructure today, but often fall short in implementing the zero trust principles, process changes, and technology solutions to protect their physical data assets. Data breach reports*, unfortunately, have seen a rising trend as hackers seek to bypass external protections and concentrate on more malicious ways to access data – to implant malware from inside the organization with the cooperation of insiders. Well designed ZTA includes all forms of data infrastructure management, including the internal handling of physical assets.

“Put simply, ZTA philosophy is: “never trust, always verify.”  The goal of zero trust is to change the “inside good, outside bad” way of thinking.  Firewalls and anti-virus help stop the outside world from coming in, but it does not protect an attack from the inside.”


*50% of data breaches occur
from within the organization itself.
The average annual total cost of
insider threats rose to $11.45M.
– Ponemon Institute

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Becoming A Zero Trust Enterprise

Zero trust presents a maturation from a location-centric model to a more data-centric approach for pinpointed security controls between users, systems, data and assets that change over time; for these reasons, moving to a ZTA is essential.
Transitioning to ZTA, however, can be a complex and lengthy journey in evaluating, planning and implementing vital safeguards for any organization and is not accomplished with a wholesale replacement of technology. Naturally, TechR2, as a front line leader in data infrastructure security, has integrated the NIST 800-227 ZTA model into the Tear-A-Byte process.
We call it the TechR2 Zero Trust Model or ZTM, the most inclusive model in dealing with all forms of physical security and establishing effective ZTA for you and your enterprise.

“Zero Trust applies just as much to data at-rest as it does to data-in-motion. When your data bearing devices are at their end of life, how do you currently ensure those devices aren’t walking out the door? Our Zero Trust Model will transform the way you mitigate risks in this ever complex world.”

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Quotations by Matthew Bradford, serving the IT industry for over 25 years. He is currently the VP of Architecture and Development for TechR2, the premiere IT Data End of Life Management Company.

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