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The Tear-A-Byte 24U Appliance – The ITAD Killer!

The wait is over. ITAD Can Be Retired.
The Tear-A-Byte 24U Appliance is ready to order!

The Tear-A-Byte Process is the fully compliant replacement to the classic model of IT Asset Destruction (ITAD).  Where ITAD focuses exclusively on destruction, Zero-Trust (ZT) NIST, ISO, GDPR, and other laws, policies, and standards require more.

If your business needs to be compliant with any data-bearing device end-of-life laws or standards then ITAD is not enough for you any longer.  Your business requires Tear-A-Byte!

What Makes Tear-A-Byte So Different From ITAD?

Put simply, we don’t just begin the process when the device is ready to be destroyed or recycled.  We begin the process at the moment the device is no longer actively being used.  Check here for a fully detailed explanation, but it can be broken down into 4 main steps:

  1. Track – it isn’t enough to just trust that a data-bearing device won’t walk out your door before it is destroyed.  A comprehensive tracking system must be in place even after the device has reached its end-of-life.  The Tear-A-Byte process does this with RFID, barcodes, and now photographic evidence of every device that enters our care.
  2. Contain – Once a device is tracked, it must be securely contained.  Remember, the data on the drive doesn’t lose its value simply because the device is no longer in use.  If the data that is on the drive is worth thousands or even millions, store it as such.  Long gone are the days of using rubber bins, storage closets, or desk drawers for end-of-life storage.  You need a data-safe!
  3. Destroy – Whether destruction means a 30,000 Guass magnetic field or shredding the media to 2mm dust particles, the destruction of your media devices is too important to leave to chance.  Tear-A-Byte standards demand only the best and most thorough destruction methods to ensure your data never ends up in the wrong hands!
  4. Verify – Without being about to verify an indisputable chain of custody; Without being able to indisputably verify the destruction of a device; Without being able to fully understand the environmental impact your technology devices are having for future generations, none of this matters.  Tear-A-Byte provides clear on-demand verification of its own process.

Tear-A-Byte has been around for several years.
Why the Big Announcement?

Put simply.  Innovation.

Just because you’re already leading the pack it doesn’t mean you can rest.  We’ve had the world’s best end-of-life data storage solutions for a decade.  The original Tear-A-Byte storage appliance has been in production for 5 years.  But things just keep getting better.

The 24U Offers 19 Distinct Upgrades to the Already World-Leading Solutions Offered by TechR2!

  • Photographic Evidence of Every Drive Entered
  • Integration with Client CMDB
  • Enhanced Invoicing by Cost Center/Tenant
  • Reinforced Drive Containment Cabinet
  • Multi-level Multi-Tenant Architecture
  • Safety-First Drive Removal System
  • Increased Drive Capacity
  • Two-Stage Secure Drive Entry System
  • Multi-Factor Access Control to Drive Cabinet
  • New, Modern Design
  • Reliability Enhancements
  • Automatic Warranty Checking
  • Intelligent Data Completion
  • Large Articulating Screen
  • Physical Keyboard for Easy Data Entry
  • Support for Nested Accounts
  • Offline Store-and-Forward Capabilities
  • PID Labels Printed On-Demand
  • Intelligent Capacity Reporting

Why Wait? ITAD is No Longer Enough! Your Data Needs Tear-A-Byte and the TAB-24U Now!

Use the contact form on the side of this page to sign up to hear some more about this and the other innovations coming out of TechR2!  Major IT suppliers, financial institutions, medical institutions and other companies in the Fortune 500 and beyond trust us.  They can all answer the most important question this page has been meaning to ask:

Do You Know Where Your Hard Drives Go At Night?