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TechR2 offers redeployment of equipment once the audit has been completed and all data has been removed and destroyed.

For example, some companies have leased equipment, however the data still needs to be destroyed prior to the lease return.  TechR2 provides redeployment services for instances where the hardware or equipment needs to be returned the leasing company or third party after the certified destruction of the data for each device.

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Most Companies often assume recycling is the default option to dispose of end-of-life equipment, regardless of whether the equipment is actually at the end of its product life.  Overlooking the monetary value of reusing old IT equipment, these companies are missing out on the opportunity to generate a new revenue stream.

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TechRenew is our internal remarketing department that will assist you in your efforts to maximize your investment.

Granted not every company is an ideal candidate for remarketing, but those organizations that refresh their systems regularly can take advantage of the opportunity to increase their ROI and generate a new revenue stream that can be used to offset disposal costs.