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Secure. Responsible.
IT Asset Retirement & Disposition.

ISO 14001 Certified

ISO 14001 Certified

  • ISO 14001 is the Standard to help the organization minimize how the operations negatively affect the environment.


TechR2 manages the secure and environmentally-safe recovery and disposition of millions of IT and related assets each year.

If you have an item(s) for disposal that is not listed here, please contact us today, there is a good chance that we may be able to assist.

Desktop Computing

PCs including desktops, mini-towers, laptops and handhelds, notebooks, tablets, and more.


CRTs, LCDs, terminals, and more.

Networking Equipment

Hubs, routers, switches, bridges, and more.


LaserJet, DeskJet, thermal, dot matrix, line printers, plotters, paper trays, and more.

Office Equipment

Copiers, scanners, fax machines, typewriters, and more.


Keyboards, mice, speakers, external drives, and more.

Telecom Equipment

Telephones, switches, PBX, voice mail and VoIP systems, voice stations, headsets, and more.

Storage Equipment

SAN, tape drives, hard drives, zip drives, data backup systems, disk arrays, thumb/flash drives, and more.

Data Center Equipment

Mainframes, mid-range and servers, Power Conditioning/UPS systems, cabinets, relay racks, and more.


AC adapters, memory, motherboards, network, sound and video cards, CD/DVD drives, and more.


POS systems/registers, barcode scanners, receipt printers, barcode printers, card readers, touch screen monitors, and more.

Banking Equipment

Currency counters, coin counters, transaction drawers, check encoders, check scanners, receipt printers, ATM machines, and more.

Healthcare Equipment

All non-biohazardous equipment: defibrillators, EKG machines, mobile carts/workstations, patient monitors, and more.

Mobile Devices

Cellular phones, Blackberry/PDAs, pagers, and more.

Audio/Video Equipment

TVs and displays, VCR/DVD players, projectors, video and audio conferencing systems, Smart/electronic white boards, and more.


Laptop carry cases, modems, software, cables, cabinets, office furniture, cameras, KVM switches, generators, and more.

Our Environmental Mission

Responsible technology recycling is essential for end-of-life computer equipment and improper disposal can lead to fines, litigations, and more importantly a data breach.  But such disposal is more than mere self-protection — it is a moral imperative. TechR2 leads the charge to honor the environment.  We research, anticipate and react to changes in data and environmental law and practice that may affect you — operationally, financially and ethically. TechR2 is your resource for knowledge and services related to your role in sustaining this global mission.

We keep a vigilant eye on the global business and environmental culture so that we are better able to understand and fulfill our role while maintaining optimum value for our clients. As stewards of the environment and students of sound business practices, we’ve developed strategic alliances with organizations that share our environmental goals.

TechR2 honors a zero landfill policy and the final disposition of all equipment is reuse, resale or recycle.

Unlike other technology recyclers, TechR2 goes above and beyond to meet the EPA’s “13 Principles” and to protect your brand from the disparaging effects of improper recycling, data breaches and more that can occur when technology recycling is not carried out according to stringent guidelines.

TechR2 is ever evolving. We stay on top of industry innovations and regulations, so that everyone can benefit – you, your business and the environment.