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DDaaS Data Destruction as a Service

Data Destruction as a Service DDaaS


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At Techr2, we specialize in  DDaaS (data destruction as a service). We dominate the data destruction, hard drive shredding, and SSD drive destruction and shredding industry. Our process involves a fully audited, on site, regulation compliant process of data drive logging, degaussing, decommissioning, destruction, and shredding. New laws and regulations are in place, and if your organization and company is not in compliance, there are hefty fines.

No other company offers our service.  This is our specialty. We do nothing else. We are passionate about what we do. We offer a multitude of service. Your data is secure and compliant with us.

Enterprise must control all data in their possession

US state, federal and industry regulations require you, the enterprise to remain in control of the PII, PHI and financial data on your endpoint devices. Arrow shut down its centralized processing site where it had client data in its possession. Other old modeled centralized ITAD processing plants have PII, PHI and financial data on their premises without the required legal agreements that give them control of the data.

Data Classification

All company personnel are required to have their endpoint device classified as to what level of data was on their system such as PII, PHI and financial data. For many of us, that means the data bearing components must be destroyed to NIST 800-88 requirements through the NIST 800-53 or NIST 800-171 Cybersecurity Framework. At that point, the data is forever gone.


So for most endpoint devices in the world, the laptop or desktop is fine, but the hard drive must be destroyed and the remnants recycled to ISO 14001 or equal standard.


For others endpoint devices that had public data on them, those devices can be overwritten to the NIST standard.

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