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Data Center Decommission Specialist ISO 14001

Onsite Inventory. Data Erasure.
Data Destruction. Hardware Removal.

We handle the headaches.

IT technicians may not be thinking about the critical nature of some of the files, documents and spreadsheets contained on drives and portable media that are scheduled to be destroyed. Not to mention non-technical employees. Without a secure containment solution and onsite data decommissioning process, these items could be discarded in the ordinary office trash by unwitting staff members.

Data Center Decommissioning projects include the following services:

  • Onsite inventory, capturing serial numbers and quantities of all equipment
  • Onsite data destruction either data erasure or physical destruction
  • Removal of hardware, server racks, cables and other miscellaneous equipment
  • Packing and Transport of equipment and hardware back to TechR2 for resale or recycling

Protect your brand.

We make sure to keep your brand safe! Many companies don’t see the risk in even a failed hard drive; this is one of the most overlooked risks in a data center. Although a drive is not functional it doesn’t mean your company’s data is no longer vulnerable. In most cases drives are stacked on top of servers or shipped back to the manufacturer to be replaced, but your company is vitally responsible for the data that resides on that drive. You must have a process in place for failed hard drives and secure destruction of those devices before the data leaves the premises.

Don’t go it alone.

Recruit TechR2 with our data center decommissioning service and place your enterprise and your brand with those committed to keeping it safe.

TechR2 has developed many data security products you may also be interested in. We wipe data from drives, collect your retired drives and media in a secure box we ship and pick up from your facility, and also perform onsite data destruction in your data center, so your drives and media never leave your secure location with data still intact.

  • Providing complete “Cradle to Grave” data eradication solutions, sound experience, industry best practices and resources to support you.

  • About An Industry Leader

    TechR2 is the only company in the industry that has earned a US patent for its Track-Contain-Destroy-Verify data security process, is OEM approved, upholds critical ISO certifications, and is recognized for compliance with GDPR, NIST and all governmental regulations concerning data destruction, including ISO 27001, ISO 14001, ISO 9001, and ISO 45001.

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