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DDaaS Begins At EoL

Begins At EoL

“The new data security model – DDaaS (Data Destruction as a Service) concentrates on the secure data management controls for critical data contained on ‘End of Life’ (EoL) devices.”

Charles Robbins, Compliance Officer for TechR2

Remember, “Data at Rest” is “Data at Risk”. However, many co-location datacenters, offices, and business facilities are unequipped with properly trained EoL technicians that can handle all the risks involved at the point of Data at Rest. TechR2’s technicians are highly trained, certified, experienced and ready to fully satisfy the security controls needed for EoL management.

Along with TechR2’s patented Tear-A-Byte® and Tear-A-Vault® Solutions you will receive:

  • Data security controls for onsite data destruction by trained and certified technicians that are NIST and NSA compliant and environmentally friendly.
  • Our 24-7 accessible Customer Portal providing managers with real time reports and notifications to meet all verification requirements.
  • Critical ISO, and NIST certifications that fully meet GDPR, DoD DFARS, IRS 1075 and ZTA cybersecurity control requirements.

Tear-A-Byte® Is Superior To ITAD. How?

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“Put simply, we don’t just begin the process when devices are ready for destruction, we begin the process the moment the device is no longer actively used.”

Charles Robbins, Compliance Officer for TechR2

Using the patented Tear-A-Byte Solution, staffed data security personnel will meet up to 10% of the Cybersecurity Assessment Gap Analysis Checklist for Media Protection, Audit and Accountability, System and Services Acquisition, Supply Chain Risk Management, Physical and Environmental Protection and Assessment, Authorization, and Monitoring.

➔ Track ➔ Contain ➔ Destroy ➔ Verify
all endpoint devices ONSITE

  • Track your data bearing devices with RFID technologies and establish real-time inventory and audit trail via your own tailored customer portal.
  • Contain data bearing devices securely in a locked container, only accessible by TechR2 staff.
  • Destroy data onsite and receive a certificate of destruction, backed by a multi-million-dollar insurance policy.
  • Verify the reconciliation process to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

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  • Providing complete “Cradle to Grave” data eradication solutions, sound experience, industry best practices and resources to support you.

  • About An Industry Leader

    TechR2 is the only company in the industry that has earned a US patent for its Track-Contain-Destroy-Verify data security process, is OEM approved, upholds critical ISO certifications, and is recognized for compliance with GDPR, NIST and all governmental regulations concerning data destruction, including ISO 27001, ISO 14001, ISO 9001, and ISO 45001.

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