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A New Regulatory Landscape

Each new law/regulation imposes requirements which impact the data destruction process


  • GDPR: General Data Protection Regulation, EU (May 2018)
  • CCPA: California Consumer Privacy Act (Jan. 2020)
  • NIST: National Institute of Standards and Technology
  • CYBERSECURITY FRAMEWORK AND EO 13800:  Presidential Executive Order (May 2017)
  • CMMC: Cybersecurity Maturity Model certification based on NIST Cybersecurity framework required for all Federal contracts Sept. 2020)
  • ZTSM: Zero Trust Security Model: “Never trust, always verify.” Executive Order, forthcoming federal policy
  • LGPD: General Data Protection Regulation Brazil (Jan. 2020)


  • CONTROL-GDPR: An organization should never lose control of its data (GDPR)
  • 4 WALLS- NIST: Data cannot leave the customer’s 4 walls (NIST 800-53 & 888 Security Controls)
  • REPORTING- GDPR: Organizations must report any breach and be able to identify IT assets within 72 hours (GDPR)
  • PROCESS-NIST CSF: Organizations must Must Track, Contain, Dispose, Document, Verify for compliant data destruction (NIST CSF, EO 13800)
  • DUAL AUTHORIZATION-NIST CSF: Organizations must use dual authorization when verifying data destruction by using a ‘Sanitizer’ and ‘Verifier’ (NIST CSF, EO 13800)

1st of its kind DDaaS- Data Destruction as a Service

Techr2 Provides A Comprehensive Solution For Detailed Tracking, Containment, Destruction & Verification To Meet Your Compliance, Audit And Reporting Requirements.

Did you know?
Industry Research Confirms that for all data bearing devices, End of Life cost of removal and destruction is approximately 4% of total cost of ownership.


  • Comprehensive coverage of your data center
  • Comprehensive coverage of your end point device (laptops, tablets, phones)
  • Meet all of your regulator requirements
  • Eliminate the risks in your old ITAD model and improve your budget
  • Digital reporting
  • Achieve your sustainability goals
  • 3-5 year contract billed monthly optimized for your corporate budgetary requirements
  • Your data destruction issues simplified and handled for a customized monthly fee

Patented End-Of-Life Media Ecosystem Solutions

  • TRACK your data-bearing devices with RFID and establish a real time inventory and audit trail via tailored customer portal.
  • CONTAIN data-bearing devices securely in a locked TAB Appliance, only accessible by certified staff.
  • DESTROY data onsite, within the four walls of your facility, and receive a Certificate of Destruction prior to technician departure.
  • VERIFY data destruction via dual controlled teams and electronic reporting to reconcile internal data bases/IT asset inventories.

Protect Your Data, Protect Your Brand

Ineffective/Outdated Data Destruction Processes Create Exposure


The Wall Street firm “failed to effectively assess or address risks associated with decommissioning its hardware,” including improper assessment of the risks of subcontracting the work and failing to keep appropriate tabs on customer data stored on obsolete devices, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) said.
Source: Bloomberg Oct.


The personal banking information for thousands of Facebook employees was stolen last month. The data breach reportedly occurred when someone stole multiple physical hard drives from a Facebook payroll staffer’s car.
Source: Bloomberg Nov. 2019


In North America, about 32% of all data breaches resulted in a C-level executive, president or even CEO of a company losing his or her job .
Source: 2018 Kaspersky Labs survey based on 5,878 interviews with businesses of all sizes from 29 countries

Comprehensive Online Portal: Provides customers with an online digital history

Environment - R2, ISO 14001 Certification

Perpetual Access to:

  • Real-time tracking of device disposition
  • Metrics and trend analysis for continuous improvement
  • Custom Client Project Reports
  • Green reports to confirm recycling